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Note: Android/iPhone streaming options available for members! Select a video while logged in then click the play button on the cover art. Make sure any bandwidth saving options are turned off or video will not play.

View on Oculus:

1. Download Whirligig

2. Install LAV Filters.

We recommend installing the LAV Filter pack. LAV Filters is an Open Source set DirectShow filters that allows you to play all popular video and audio formats without having to install any other codec pack or additional codec or filter.


2. (alternative) Install K-Lite

Alternatively you can use the K-Lite codec pack (Basic is fine). K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of audio and video codecs for Microsoft Windows that enables an operating system and its software to play various audio and video formats.

3. App Settings

In the Oculus app you will need to enable unknown sources to allow Whirligig to run. Open the app settings, select general and make sure Unknown Sources is checked.

4. Start Whiligig application

Acknowledge the Safety warning to continueYou should see the following menu, make sure your settings are as follows :
Oculus Settings
Video - Select the video you would like to play
Format - Barrel Stereo OU
Tilt – 0.0
FOV - 360 degrees
Radius – 20.0
Rotation – 0.0

5. Select Video

Press F8 to select your video location. Select your video to watch by hovering the blue dot over your selection and pressing spacebar then hover the dot outside the menu structure and press space bar. The video should begin playing right away.
Select Video Location

6. Alternative Controls

Xbox controls can be found HERE.

Troubleshooting can be found HERE.

View on Samsung GearVR:

1. Download MilkVR

2. Create Folder

Create a MilkVR folder in the local storage of your phone if there isn’t one there already
Drag and drop your downloaded videos from your desktop computer into the MilkVR folder.

3. Place phone into Gear VR

Insert the phone into your GearVR device to launch Samsung Gear VR menu.

4. Launch

Launch the MilkVR application on the top right side.

Select the Device option from the top

And then the Sideloaded videos option

And finally just hit the play button

5. Enjoy your video

View on Android:

1. Download Magic VR Player from the Android App Store

Magic VR Player (free to use and ad free) is most compatible with our Generic H264 and Android Gen 6+ version of every scene.

2. Run the app and select your VR glasses model

3. Select VR Box 2 if you are using the free headset.

4. The default settings should work for most people but if you experience playback issues you can select "Smooth Playback" or turn Hardware decoding off.

5. When selecting a video make sure you have 360 degree L/R (Left/Right) selected in the bottom right hand corner of the video.

6. Enjoy your 360 degree video in full 3D.

Unfortunately we do not officially support iPhone devices at this time.

View on PlayStation VR:

1. Download Littlstar VR Cinema Player from the PlayStation Store.

2. Download Android 5+/PSVR videos and copy into "Littlstar" (case sensitive) folder on a USB drive

3. Change "MovieTitle_HologirlsVR_3dv.mp4" to "MovieTitle_HologirlsVR_SBS.mp4".

4. Plug your USB into your PS4.

5. Launch Littlstar VR Cinema App and play videos from the library.

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