What Is VR Porn?

Before we talk about VR Porn -­ we must first talk about Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is a 3D simulation or experience that allows you to immerse yourself in a video in a way you have never experienced before, using a VR headset. With virtual reality you feel like you are part of the movie taking place!

So….Then What Is VR Porn? VR Porn, or Virtual Reality Porn, is a type of erotic vr video that has been shot in a way that turns it into a 3D experience. When you watch VR porn­ - as we offer here at you feel like you are right in the video. Every luscious blowjob, every fantastic fuckscene, every asshole and pussy being pounded - ­it feels like it is happening right before your very eyes! VR Porn turns the old boring porn media experience on its head and fulfills your dirty fantasies!

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