HoloGirlsVR Free VR Headset Offer

Terms and Conditions


The following are the terms and conditions for the Holofilm Productions, LLC (“HoloGirlsVR”) free VR Headset offer (“Offer”).  


Three Options To Choose From.


12-Month Membership (Best Value).  HoloGirlsVR will provide you with a free virtual reality headset (“Headset”) with free shipping included when you sign up for a twelve-month membership to the HoloGirlsVR™ website.  


3-Month Membership.  HoloGirlsVR will provide you with a free virtual reality headset (“Headset”) with free shipping included when you sign up for a twelve-month membership to the HoloGirlsVR™ website.  


Single Month Membership.  Purchasers of a single month membership subscription to HoloGirlsVR™ may purchase a Headset at a discounted price of $20 (free shipping included).


Premium Headset Model.  The Headset currently provided through this Offer is the highly rated Google VR Box 2.0.  Use of the Headset requires a smartphone (not included). Compatible with 4.7-6 Inch Android, as well as iPhone 5, 6, iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge etc.

Bonus Membership Time.  To help you make the most of your new Headset during your membership, as a part of the Offer we will add an additional 10 days free access bonus membership period to the HoloGirlsVR™ membership that you purchase in association with this Offer.   

Shipping Information. Your Headset will be shipped to you discreetly in a container that will not include the HoloGirlsVR™logo. We will do our best to deliver your Headset as soon as possible.  Current shipping time is approximately 7 to 10 business days.  We will require a valid shipping address at which you will receive your Headset.  By accepting the Offer, you will be agreeing to provide us with such shipping information and you will be authorizing us to share the address and addressee information you provide with our fulfillment company and other parties that we determine are necessary or helpful to effectively ship your Headset to you.  We will provide you with a shipping tracking number, when available.  Shipping delays and supply shortages, including without limitation, those that occur beyond our control, may delay your receipt of your Headset. 

Refunds and Returns.  All sales are final.  There are no refunds or returns regarding the Headset or a membership purchased in association with this Offer unless the Headset you receive does not function due to a manufacturing defect.  If you receive a defective Headset you must return it to us within thirty days of the date it was delivered to you.  Defective Headsets will, at the HoloGirls VR’s sole election, either be replaced with a non-defective Headset or you will be issued a refund of the amount you paid for the membership purchase associated with this Offer.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, no refunds or replacement Headsets will be provided in regard to Headsets returned more than 30 days after shipment.  Also without limiting the foregoing, acceptance of the Offer constitutes (i) your express agreement that no refunds or credit card charge reversals will be issued to you for a membership purchased as a part of the Offer unless you timely return the Headset as indicated above, and (ii) your express agreement not to seek any such refund or charge reversal unless you have fully complied with those requirements.

Responsible Use Of The Headset.  Use of virtual reality devices, such as the Headset, can impair vision and hearing and increase the risk of injury to You or another person.  For example, body movement while viewing content via a virtual reality device could result in injury to you or others.  By accepting this Offer you agree to use the Headset safely and responsibly and only as intended by the manufacturer.  You agree to read all instructions and warnings associated with the Headset.

Always use virtual reality devices, including without limitation, the Headset, in locations where it is safe to do so.  Never use the Headset or any other virtual reality device while driving or operating machinery or in proximity to live electrical lines, swimming pools or any other hazards.  You should stop use of the Headset and any other virtual reality device if you experience discomfort or any adverse heath reactions (e.g., dizziness, etc.).

Adults Only.  This Offer is made to adults only. You must be over the age of 18 years of age (or over 21 years of age if the minimum age of majority in your jurisdiction is not 18 years). Minors are strictly forbidden from attempting to accept this Offer, receive a Headset or access HoloGirlsVR™. 

Miscellaneous. This is a limited Offer.  Supplies are limited.  The Offer may be modified, withdrawn or terminated at any time by HoloGirlsVR.  This Offer is also only made to persons in locations where this Offer, in its entirety, is permitted by law.  This Offer is void where prohibited.  All legal matters associated with this Offer shall be governed by laws of Nevada.  No express or implied warranties of fitness or use are made by HoloGirlsVR regarding the Headset or any other matter associated with the Offer.  HoloGirlsVR’s sole liability, and your sole remedy for any and all damages arising under or otherwise associated with the Offer, including without limitation damages resulting from your use of the Headset, will be expressly limited to the amount you paid for the membership fee associated with this Offer.  HoloGirlsVR shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for (i) any negligent act or omission by HoloGirlsVR; (ii) any negligence of any third party, including, but not limited to, any manufacture, distributor or shipper of the Headset, or (iii) any negligent act or omission by you.  Neither HoloGirlsVR nor any and all of its principals, employees, contractors, agents, affiliates, or advertisers shall be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages under any circumstances regardless of however caused, on any theory of liability (including contract, tort, or warranty) even if HoloGirlsVR has been advised of the possibility of such damages.  This Offer is expressly conditioned on all of the terms set forth above and your agreement that your purchase of a membership, use of a membership to access HoloGirls VR content, placing of a Headset order, or your receipt of a Headset, in association with this Offer, shall each separately constitute your express acceptance of all of the terms and conditions associated with this Offer.